A Small Church with Great Faith

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New Life Victory Church

Non-Denominational Church in Olive Hill, Kentucky

We at New Life Victory Church believe that everyone has two essential purposes in life; to know God and to make Him known. We would love the opportunity to serve you and your family at one of our worship experiences listed below.

Our Purpose is to preach the uncompromised Word of God, training believers to become disciples of Christ. A church, loving people and working to build strong families.  We offer traditional and contemporary worship, and a healing place to gather.

Not just another Church

Passion & Grace

When a person is passionate, they are consumed by a living fire. This fire does not burn bridges, it instead forges them. A person that is passionate is in tune with themselves. They start doing things that are truly good for them. Then, grace can enter and temper that passion into a life that is truly whole.

100% Bible Believing

The Bible is preached faithfully from week to week.
Jesus is at the center of worship.
Fellowship, Community & Discipleship are Priorities.
There is an active effort to share the Gospel with others

Care & Compassion

Giving concrete expression to our unity in Christ. We are a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

Family Oriented

Finding an age-integrated, family church to serve our community and it's needs. People of all ages have value and have the ability to grow as well as teach.

Our Focus Every Day

What we are About

New Life Victory Church focus’s on 5 elements in our walk with the Lord:

  • Service – Build & Help Others
  • Fellowship – Truly Love One Another
  • Evangelism – Introduce People to Jesus
  • Worship – Devote Ourselves to God
  • Discipleship – Educate & Train Yourself


Pastor Ramah McKenzie
Mary McKenzie

“TEAMWORK”, Together Everyone Accomplishes More

Where are we?
When are services Held?
How to reach us?

Location: 10035 US Hwy 60, Olive Hill, KY

Service Times:
Sunday Morning 10:30am

Tuesday Morning Intercessory Prayer – 10:30am

Thursday Bible Study – 6:00pm